Sunday, 2 March 2008

Prem Farm

Prem Farm
Presented by Sheena Jackson
The Prem Farm is a small organic farm that models sustainable development.
This workshop includes an orientation to The Prem Farm that will highlight the myriad of teachable moments on the farm for all ages groups.
Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get close and personal with a few farm animals and try out some farm chores.

Sheena Jackson
.. comes from Calgary, Canada and has a degree in earth sciences from the University of Calgary. While attending university, she started a campus and community garden with up to 20 volunteers. All surplus food was given to the campus food bank for hungry, underprivileged students.
Sheena grew up in a home with a large garden in the backyard, and growing one’s on food was a natural part of daily living. Before coming to Prem, Sheena taught hands-on environmental education in Thailand for three years. Now, as The Prem farm and field coordinator, she enjoys sharing farming experiences with students, and showing people how to live a sustainable lifestyle.


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