Sunday, 2 March 2008

Student Learning Through Small Group Work

Effectively Supporting Student Learning Through Small Group Work.
Jointly presented by Dr. Graeme Ritchie and Ms. Katie Sheffield The aim of this workshop is to provide teachers with tried and tested activities used by middle and high school teachers which;

  • ensure all members of each group are active
  • Provide appropriate tasks for a wide range of abilities within a classroom
  • Build background knowledge on a topic or reinforce knowledge at a revision/review stage
  • Allow shy students to negotiate terms within a group rather than in front of a whole class
  • Help students to move from spoken language towards academic written language

Will be illustrated by interactive exercises from a wide range of curriculum areas.
Provide opportunities for participants to reflect on the value and challenges of small group work in their own teaching.

Dr. Graeme Ritchie
has over 10 years of teaching experience. He was formerly Head of Master of Arts Program in TESOL at Payap University, and is currently an EAP teacher at Nakornpayap International School. He holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D from Aberdeen University, and M.Ed in TESOL from Edinburgh University.
Ms. Katie Sheffield
has 17 years of teaching experience. She holds a Master Degree in Teaching Second Languages from USQ Australia, a BA Honours Degree from Trent Polytechnic, a DALF Diploma from Nantes, France, and a BAWLA Certificate. She is the EAP & ELS Coordinator at Nakornpayap International School.


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