Sunday, 2 March 2008

Online Drop Box for Conf. Files (using

I've created a folder on the internet for us all ... admin guys, attendees, presenters .. to put ANY files ... word, pdf, images, powerpoints, voice files, telephone messages ... in fact you can more or less drop anything here ... you can even send a fax to this folder and it is converted to a pdf.
It is NOT password protected (but it could have been) so you can upload anything and also view and download anything ... but only I can delete (OH .. the power .. the power)
My reason to do this is to provide another way of sharing materials and to model a facility you may not have seen before that can be used with your students (its free!).
Another reason is the hope that it will reduce the use of paper ... for obvious environmental reasons ... and minimise the carbon footprint of the day.

Where do all the files live? ...

How do you upload a file (several options) simple private sharing

Before uploading ... please name your files clearly
so that it shows your name and gives some idea
of what the file is about.
P.S. I've set this folder to auto destruct in September
... but I can change that if asked

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